Yossi Dagan, the head of the Samaria Regional Council, erected a protest tent outside the Prime Minister's Office on Thursday morning in order to express his opposition to the government's policies toward Jewish settlements in Judea and Samaria and to demand that the community of Homesh be authorized.

Dagan was joined by Rabbi Mordechai Dimentman, the father of Yehuda Dimentman, who was gunned down just outside Homesh several weeks ago.

"We are here outside Prime Minister Naftali Bennett's office and we will remain here in the rain and the cold," Dagan said. "Why? Because we cannot simply ignore the wrong that has been done. The Bennett government has lost its way. There is a direct line between the Electricity Law that provides power to Bedouins and the cutting off of power from Homesh," he said.

"In all my years, I never saw such a thing as destruction of Jewish homes following a terrorist attack," Dagan added. "This was a prize for terrorism. I now want to inform Naftali Bennett and all the members of this government, that from next Sunday, we are going to be organizing demonstrations against the government here in Jerusalem and across the country. The national camp is done with being silent. This government is destroying Samaria and the Negev. We are here, but behind us are millions of Israeli citizens. We will continue to protest until the government is replaced."

Rabbi Dimentman added, "Each additional home that is destroyed deepens the wound and is an additional stab in the heart of my son. These destructions were not wrought by the Turks or the British - but by us, ourselves. For 3,500 years our fathers walked through this land, including Homesh. The Tanach is our authority, not the United Nations. Yehuda left us his last will and testament in the blood of Homesh. How can we console his widow, and ourselves? We want a Zionist response, a response that is ethical and educational. We will not rest until the yeshiva in Homesh is rebuilt. I call on everyone who identifies with us to come here and support this battle to redeem Homesh. This will be our consolation."

Asked whether the news that the IDF intends to destroy the home of the terrorist who murdered Yehuda Dimentman is a form of consolation too, Rabbi Dimentman said, "This is something that should happen, but it will not bring Yehuda back. Yehuda fell in Homesh and if it is not rebuilt, we will not be consoled. The true consolation will only happen when his last wishes are fulfilled."

Rabbi Elishama Cohen, the rabbi of Homesh, noted that, "Three weeks ago, we lost a precious student. In recent days, we have received tremendous support from very many Jews who want the truth to come forth, who want to see the yeshiva rebuilt in order to redeem the land. No one can prevent this dream from being fulfilled, certainly not after we have made such a sacrifice. We will continue with all our might, and our study hall will continue to be filled with students learning Torah. We demand that the Israel government support us - our dream will continue, whatever the price to pay may be."