Yehuda Dimentman
Yehuda DimentmanCourtesy of the photographer and Aviya Deutsch/TPS

The IDF on Thursday morning sent a message to the family of the terrorist who murdered Yehuda Dimentman, saying that the floor on which the terrorist lived will be destroyed.

Mahmoud Jaradath was involved in the shooting attack in which Yehuda Dimentman was killed and his two friends were wounded.

The terrorist's family has been allowed to appeal the decision.

Dimentman, a 25-year-old father, was murdered last month in a drive-by terror attack.

The investigation revealed that two terrorists ambushed the yeshiva students in the bushes, firing at short range towards the vehicle in which Dimentman and his two friends were driving home. Dimentman was pronounced dead at the scene, and his friends were evacuated to hospital.

Footage from the vehicle in which Dimentman traveled with his friends was published last month by Kan 11 News.

The footage, a product of the vehicle's dashcam, shows the flashes of gunfire from the terrorists' weapon. Fifteen bullet holes were found in the vehicle, which the victims continued driving as they called for medical aid.

Dimentman is survived by his widow Ettya, and his infant son.