Hamas, Islamic Jihad terrorists
Hamas, Islamic Jihad terroristsFlash 90

For several problematic reasons and for no real benefit to the international community, the State of Israel and the Jewish people have become the punching bag of many entities across the globe.

This change was instigated and stimulated by a variety of factors. Among these reasons we can see the malicious instigation by many of the anti-Semitic and anti-Israeli dictatorships and self-serving countries, who depend on the grace of the 56-state block of the Muslim countries. Many of the country members of the UN depend on them for votes – for oil, for investments, and for protection from eventual terrorism. In their eyes, these benefits are more important than the values promoted by the honorable and democratic State of Israel, and its advanced scientific contributions to Research & Development, which have benefited the entire world.

These days there is a need among some self-absorbed individuals and political leaders to convince themselves that they are doing something good by bashing Israel and the Jewish people. Unfortunately, these problematic individuals and organizations include too many oblivious Jewish leaders, students, and others.

It seems that these Jewish people, even the well-connected and influential ones, are afraid of, or intimidated by, internationally aggressive promoters of anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish agendas. They are likely justifying their positions with irrational considerations. Perhaps they assume that if they stand against their own people and give away real national treasures and territorial integrity, they will earn some benefit or respect from vicious Jew haters and Israel haters.

Alternatively, these individuals and organizations may just be falling into the traps of deception and misinformation, which are perpetrated by the radical Muslims, the Radical Right, and the Radical Left, and consider those messages as truth, and as valuable arguments. They probably hope that in the case of a confrontation, they as individuals will be able to withstand the storm relatively safely, and gain some favors, due to their previous positions.

Honorable people should look at the overall situation with open eyes, check the facts independently, and put them into the correct context. This will allow them to stand up for what is right, and defend themselves and their communities proudly against evil.

Any objective observer will see that in general, the Jewish people like many other peoples all around the world, are a good people. In addition, it is clear that those Jews who are living in the State of Israel have the absolute legal right to live there for many reasons, including the fact that it is their continuously inhabited ancestral homeland and they are not occupying any foreign country illegally.

The sooner that those who despise Israel realize that by bashing Israel and the Jewish people they are supporting agendas of corrupt self-serving bad operatives, who stand for everything that they, personally, vigorously condemn, the better it will be for the free world. It is not difficult to see that these corrupt self-serving operatives support terror and do not care about human rights, equal rights, women’s freedom, or even their own innocent children. They do not hesitate to brainwash their own children and their oblivious supporters, only to exploit them later.

Unfortunately, many, if not most, of those who support these bad operatives, will end up becoming their victims, as we are seeing across the globe. Examples of this have been well-documented – some became human shields to protect dictators, others lost their personal freedom due to becoming accomplices to terrorists, and others undermined their own wellbeing by joining the wrong groups.

Once one knows and understands the ways in which many of these bad operatives think and act, it becomes obvious that they cannot be appeased, accommodated, or converted into peace-loving individuals. For the Radical Muslims, even if Israel made the most generous concessions, including committing national suicide and closing down the country, the Radical Muslims would continue to move toward conquering the entire Land of Israel and the rest of the free world, with the intended dream of imposing the rules of Radical Islam and Shariah law across the globe. For the Radical Left, it would not stop their desire to gain absolute power and totalitarian domination, such as we are seeing currently in China, Russia, Cuba, Venezuela and North Korea. For the Radical Right, their level of brainwashing would be very difficult to reverse easily. They would need a durable, extended, and wise program of proper education, that would address their wild conspiracy theories and irrational principles. The rehabilitation program would have to start at an early age and include the adults too.

Providing these groups with financial support and political recognition and connections will only make them better-financed and better-connected malicious operatives, and it will not make our world a better or more peaceful place.

This very important information must be shared with the oblivious anti-Israeli Jewish people, with the confused EU and USA leadership, and with so many others who irrationally support the terror-promoting Middle Eastern groups and countries.

To be able to have a better future for all good people, we must wake up and unite, we must educate as many people as possible with truthful facts and with honorable values, and we must expose and marginalize the bad operatives, as to give the free world the chance to thrive and ultimately excel.