Supreme Court
Supreme CourtHezki Baruch

Israel's Supreme Court on Tuesday morning discussed an appeal demanding the removal of travel restrictions for vaccinated individuals, Israel Hayom reported.

The appeal was submitted by the Israel Association of Travel Agencies and Consultants, the Headquarters for Open Skies, and the Israel Hotel Association. It demanded the elimination of travel restrictions for vaccinated individuals, the elimination of the list of "red" countries, and the loosening of restrictions for those traveling abroad and returning to Israel

During the discussion, the judges turned to Health Ministry representatives with questions on how the Ministry is managing issues related to how "red" countries are determined, and decisions on restrictions for travelers.

The Supreme Court has demanded that the State respond within seven days to the following questions: Why are vaccinated individuals not allowed to travel to red countries? Why can their quarantine not be shortened with an additional coronavirus test, similar to if they had been exposed to a confirmed coronavirus carrier within Israel?

According to Israel Hayom, experts estimate that due to the Supreme Court's demand will lead to the government loosening even further the restrictions on international travel, and there may be significant changes in the policies regarding "red" countries as well.