Avi Gil
Avi Gil IDF Spokesperson's Unit

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett's military secretary, Major General Avi Gil, spent New Year's Eve at a party attended by about 200 people, contrary to Bennett's own explicit recommendations, Channel 12 News reported on Tuesday.

In photos uploaded to the Instagram page of Gil himself and others who tagged him in photos they uploaded, Gil was seen at this party which was held at the Avigdor Banquet Hall in Tel Aviv, and in quite a few instances, it can be seen that the military secretary was not wearing a mask and not practicing social distancing.

The rest of those present at the party were also without masks most of the time, perhaps out of a misguided sense of security they had in light of the fact that they had been checked for a Green Pass before being permitted into the hall.

The party attended by the military secretary took place ten days after Bennett asked at a press conference and at a Cabinet meeting to avoid gatherings and use common sense, and of course to observe masking and social distancing rules. While the military secretary did not violate any directive, he violated Bennett's recommendation and the spirit of caution he sought to instill in civilians.

The Prime Minister's Office's said in response, "The Prime Minister's military secretary attended an event held over the weekend under the rules of the Green Pass, and in which antigen tests were conducted for all participants at the entrance. Even though participation in the event was permitted under the existing restrictions, the Prime Minister pointed out to his staff the need to pay extra attention to the recommendations, as part of the importance of maintaining public trust."