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A high school in Northern California has taken disciplinary action after photos of students covered with Nazi symbols were recently posted to social media and went viral.

The photos showed eight teens from Wheatland High School, near Sacramento, California, posing with one or more Nazi symbols, including swastikas and SS logos, drawn on their chests and bodies with marker, the Sacramento Bee reported. Some of the teens were also holding bottles of alcohol.

The Wheatland Union High School District responded in a Facebook video message, explaining that students had been punished for their behavior but that the district was “legally precluded from sharing details regarding their disciplinary action."

However, they added that they could "share with you that we took immediate action.”

“The holiday season is supposed to be a time when the community comes together and enjoys one another’s company,” Wheatland Union High School District Superintendent Nicole Newman said. "Unfortunately, for our community that has not been the case. We have been rocked to the core due to the disturbing images posted on social media by students who reside in our community. These acts do not in any way reflect the values of our community or those of our school district.”

Newman described her reaction upon seeing the photos as “profoundly disturbed and heartbroken.”

“This incident has demonstrated that there is a lot of community building work that must occur to ensure that an incident such as this one never happens again,” Newman said.

She added that the incident was personally “traumatizing” for her and her colleagues as they were subjected to “death threats on a daily basis as well as threats that are aimed against our families.”

“Despite the constant flow of negativity aimed at the Wheatland Union High School District, we will never be deterred from our life’s work of opening the minds of our students in the hopes that they will one day become the leaders of tomorrow… The heavy lifting to learn from this moment begins now.”