Is⦁	On 31 December, 2021, Israel's population is estimated at 9,449,000 resident
Is⦁ On 31 December, 2021, Israel's population is estimated at 9,449,000 residentiStock

Central Bureau of Statistics released the following figures of the population of Israel on the Eve of 2022.

During 2021, approximately 160,000 persons were added to the Israeli population, an increase of 1.7%. Most of the increase (83%) of the Israeli population was due to natural growth3 and the rest (17%) to the international migration balance.4 During the year, 184,000 infants, 25,000 immigrants (as opposed to 20,000 last year) and approximately 9,000 other migrants were added to the population.

The population was reduced by approximately 51,000 persons who died and approximately 7,500 Israelis who were staying abroad for more than a year.


During 2021, approximately 184,000 infants were born (73.8% born to Jewish mothers, 23.4% to Arab mothers and 2.8% to mothers of Others).


Approximately 51,000 people died in 2021. The number of deaths is high, compared to previous years, and even higher than in 2020 (48,788), the year that the COVID-19 pandemic began. The death rate, relative to population size, increased from 5.1 per 1,000 residents in 2017–2019 to 5.4. According to Ministry of Health data, up to the middle of November about 4,800 residents died as a result of COVID-19.

Diagram 1 - Deaths and Deaths from COVID-19, by Month, 2019–2021:

Deaths and Deaths from COVID-19
Deaths and Deaths from COVID-19Central Bureau of Statistics

Diagram 2 - Mortality Rate by Month, 2019-2021 (Adjusted for number of days per month):

Mortality Rate by Month
Mortality Rate by MonthCentral Bureau of Statistics


The main countries from which immigrants came this year were: Russia (30.0%), France (14.6%) the US (13.9%), and Ukraine (12.4%).

During the first eleven months of 2021 (January–November), 22,700 immigrants arrived in Israel – an increase of 28.8% compared to the parallel period in 2020.

Diagram 3 - Immigrants to Israel January-November, 2019-2021:

Immigrants to Israel January-November, 2019-2021
Immigrants to Israel January-November, 2019-2021Central Bureau of Statistics

Sources of Growth

Among Jews, 87% of the population increase was due to natural growth, among Arabs it was 95% and among Others 22% was due to natural growth and the main increase was a result of immigration.

Diagram 4 - Sources of Growth, by Population Group, 2021:

Sources of Growth by Population Group
Sources of Growth by Population GroupCentral Bureau of Statistics