Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky
Rabbi Chaim KanievskyAharon Krohn/Flash90

Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky, a leading Lithuanian-haredi rabbi, has instructed teachers to call parents up and convince them to vaccinate their children against COVID-19, Israel Hayom reported.

The haredi community saw high numbers of pediatric coronavirus infections during the first wave of the pandemic, causing many parents to believe that their children are now immune to the virus and do not need to be vaccinated.

However, serological tests have revealed that many of these children either did not actually contract COVID-19, or no longer have antibodies due to the passage of time since the infection.

Meanwhile, Israel Hayom noted, school principals have asked Rabbi Kanievsky for his suggestions on how to encourage parents to vaccinate their children.

In his response, Rabbi Kanievsky was very clear that not only should vaccination be encouraged, but action should be taken to turn to the parents, so that as many people will be vaccinated as possible.

He added that hesitant parents should be told in his name that, "Parents who vaccinate their children have great merit, and should not fear any evil."

Kol Barama Radio's Yisrael Cohen explained, "Rabbi Kanievsky sees special importance in vaccinations."

"The reason is both because of why they exist - to protect our health against the virus - and in their results, which allow the continuation of spiritual routines without lockdowns, and especially allow the continuation of Torah study in schools and the protection of spiritual lives."