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The Iranian Tasnim News Agency on Monday launched a new Hebrew language website and social media account.

“Although the number of people speaking Hebrew in the world is not so large, the Tasnim News Agency decided to set up a website in Hebrew language considering the strategic importance that the issue of Palestine has for the Islamic Republic of Iran and for Muslims across the world, and to release reports relating to the issue in that site,” said Majid Qolizadeh, the CEO of Tasnim, in a statement announcing the new site.

“The undeniable reality is that not only have the people of the world been deprived of receiving the news about the whole truth about the occupied Palestine and the Zionist crimes, but the reports that are fed even to the residents of the occupied territories are being extensively manipulated and managed," he claimed.

Tasnim said the launch of the Hebrew website was in honor of the second anniversary of the elimination of top Iranian commander Qassem Soleimani, who was killed in a US air strike in Baghdad in January of 2020.

The announcement comes a day after the website of the Jerusalem Postwas broken into by suspected Iranian hackers and replaced with an image of a rocket coming out of a ring on a person’s finger, reminiscent of the ring worn by Soleimani.

Next to the image was the text, “We are close to you where you do not think about it” and a similar text in Hebrew.

The Twitter account of the Maariv newspaper, which has the same ownership as the Jerusalem Post, was briefly hacked as well and the account tweeted the same image. However, that tweet was subsequently deleted.

Two weeks ago, an Arabic language Twitter account associated with Iran published an image that threatens to eliminate Israel in 2022.

The image, posted to the @iraninarabic_ir Twitter account, shows Israel made up of nails and matches. A book of matches is shown as well, with the words “Ballistic matchstick” and an Iranian regime flag on it.

The text which accompanied the image reads, in both English and Hebrew “Just try and you will see.”

The threatening tweet came days after the front page of the Tehran Times newspaper threatened Israel with an attack.

Under the heading "Just one wrong move", the front of the newspaper showed a map of Israel marked with "targets" which Iran supposedly could hit.

"An intensification of the Israeli military threats against Iran seems to suggest that the Zionist regime has forgotten that Iran is more than capable of hitting them from anywhere," the article said.