The Ministry of Defense's Authority for the Removal of Mines and Fallen Explosives destroyed the Syrian ammunition from the Six Day War that was discovered in an old Syrian bunker in the center of the Golan Heights.

About two months after the Syrian bunker was exposed, during work to clear a minefield in Mitzpe Gadot, the Ministry of Defense completed a series of controlled explosions of Syrian ammunition. The explosion included hundreds of kilograms of mortar shells of various sizes, grenades and more.

The explosions were carried out for safety reasons, so as not to move the old ammunition. During the explosions, areas and roads in the Golan were closed.

The destruction of Syrian ammunition is the final operation in clearing the minefield in the area of ​​Mitzpe Gadot and Beit Hameches junction. The area will soon be opened to the public, allowing thousands of visitors who visit the area each year to walk in safely. The mine-clearing authority will soon resume work in the Golan Heights at additional sites.