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On January 2, 2022, veteran TV investigative reporter Ayala Hasson spoke on Radio Galei Yisrael about the corruption and anti-democrative moves she sees in Israeli governmental institutions, from the appointment of former State Attorney Shai NItzan to rector of Israel's National Library although some of the committee members did not interview him, to the blacklisting of anyone who is pro-Netanyahu so that people are afraid to speak. The gist of what she said can be found in the article below by Sari Schatz sent by Israel Hayom journalist Nurit Greeenger, who translated it from Hebrew.

The Hand Is In The Cookie Jar

The truth shall send you free.

The State of Israel is becoming increasingly corrupt. It may be soon be one of the most corrupt countries among the members of the West.

There is no governmental and external-governmental system that is not tainted with corruption and sabotage. This fact should cause every Israeli much sorrow and sadness, much frustration and also embarrassment and shame.

If Netanyahu’s zero-sum trial proves one thing to us, of course for those who watch it directly, it is systemic corruption and Netanyahu's clean slate. This is not an opinion, that's a fact, as was claimed independently by uninvolved international lawyers before the trial began.

Netanyahu is revealed in the courtroom as one of the least corrupt politicians in the State of Israel. But in systems that banded together to bring him down, the decay spreads.

Netanyahu is not the problem at all. He is just publicizing the symptoms. For the justice system and the media are revealed in the courtroom in all their prejudiced corruption. And it is enough for these two systems and the cooperation between them to bring us to the deep moral abyss in which we are today, to the point of undermining democracy.

For those who raise two eyebrows in astonishment and holy rage and put their hand on the keyboard in order to write comments in the style of "But Bibi ....", I have one question to ask:

Do you watch the trial or do you receive it through reality mediators whose disgrace has been revealed at the trial? The same ones who mediate between you and a false reality?

Following the establishment of the current government, we are witnessing the spread of the nepotism phenomenon. Unfortunately for the members of the current government, public appointments cannot be hidden.

However, gifts and bribes, you can expose! Bribes can often be hidden, unless the recipients are caught with their hands deep inside the cookie jar and a thick layer of chocolate smeared over their face.

For example, we have already learned that Yair Lapid seems to lack the ability to distinguish between right and wrong.

This is the illustrious Democrat who in each of his election campaigns screamed how much Netanyahu is endangering democracy and how corrupt he is. Lapid has not held an election in his party since it was founded, chooses the entire list of MK candidates by himself, and the election he held recently was a farce. And we mock the Palestinian Authority, Syria and Egypt for their corruption?

He joins the ranks of populists who shoot shallow slogans and meaningless clichés. After all, it is clear to those who have their eyes in their heads and do not suffer from obsessive-compulsive ‘Bibi’tism syndrome that Lapid and his fellow government members have come to power on the wings of manipulative combinations, incitement and hatred. Move slightly the beautiful words of the slogans, and that's exactly what you'll get.

That's why we got the current government where it is hard to find one member who deserves to be a leader. And each of them carries on their back at least one albatross.

Whom among them would you choose as your leader? Just choose, but be honest with yourself. Look inside your soul with utmost sincerity. Lapid? Sa’ar? Liberman? Silman? Gantz? Omar Bar-Lev? Shasha Bitton? Merav Michaeli? Nitsan Horowitz? If you think Bennett or Shaked can lead, and overlook lies to voters, note that with six MKs their party is powerless, as has become obvious

With a hand on your heart, in whose hands would you entrust the most complicated country in the world, the most threatened among the Western countries at home and abroad alike. In whose hands would you quietly entrust your fate and the fate of your family when you are peacefully asleep at night?

In any case, Lapid, who pretends to lead the ship in the stormy sea, asked to be hosted in the apartment of a friend of his best friend, Anat Saroff, the one who sang to Lapid at various events he organized. So Lapid has submitted a request for hospitable accommodation, but Lapid is allowed to be on a higher jumping board and jump on the heads of us all, so he did not wait for an answer, God forbid from his possible host. He just got on the plane and traveled with his wife Lihi to stay for free in a luxury apartment in Paris. What's wrong? The pleasures of power are good.

So after being caught with his hand deep inside the cookie jar and a nice layer of chocolate covering his face, he was quick to say he would pay for what he hoped would have been a freebee. When he appointed his sister-in-law Eileil to an influential position, he truly did not see anything wrong with that. He just does not understand what is wrong at all! What's wrong with appointing his sister-in-law to a senior position? Why not? But what about this basic characteristic called a "moral compass?"

Lapid is not on trial the way they put Netanyahu on trial for no reason or guilt. But Lapid is the main official beneficiary from the coup. He was a full partner in overthrowing a government in a democratic state. After all, he was the one who reaped the fruits.

And who carried him on his shoulders and brought about the coup if not Noni Mozes of course. Deep in the heart of the government Lapid is his protector and messenger. Noni Mozes, according to Eldad Yaniv, the leftist lawyer who was Ehud Barak's confidant, rules the State of Israel, therefore he also had a significant part in the coup.

So we get Lapid and the Parisian apartment and Eldad Yaniv telling us how Noni Mozes' method works - it is like a web of cobwebs that suffocates the entire country.

After all, we learned this week from the zero-sum trial that in a reformed country Mozes would have sat behind bars. The cell next to him would be shared by Yair Lapid and possibly several other members of the government, whose files are locked in the safe of the liquidation squad in the State Attorney's Office. They could hold government meetings in a 4 X 4 cell, despite the much overcrowding and the cold floor, instead of comfortable deer leather chairs.

But no. Not Bibi, no investigation.

Hassan Nasrallah said that the State of Israel is as weak as a cobweb. He was right. We may not be militarily weak, but we are so morally weak today. Because since ancient times, the Jews have been their own greatest enemies.

Today we are witnessing that what has been is what will be and there is nothing new under the sun.