Yaniv Me'oded, who lost his two children and unborn baby in a collision on December 3, thanked the public for their prayers on his behalf.

In a short video clip - the first since the accident - Yaniv, from the hospital, asked the public to continue praying for his wife's recovery.

"Thank you so much, everyone, for praying," he said. "Please pray for my wife, Hodaya Ayelet Hashachar, the daughter of Esther, who needs a miracle."

"G-d knows how to make miracles, so I am asking everyone - again, thank you for your prayers, I am sure it helped, as you see - but another thing, increase prayers...for my wife's recovery. Hodaya Ayelet Hashachar, the daughter of Esther...who is not waking up. Thank you everyone."

Earlier this month, Beilinson Medical Center reported that Yaniv's condition had improved, and that he had been informed of the deaths of his children Halleli and Tov-Rei, as well as of the death of his unborn child and of his wife's condition.

Yaniv's wife Hodaya, who was pregnant at the time of the collision, is still hospitalized in serious condition in the ICU at Sheba Medical Center.

The accident occurred when a Palestinian Authority Arab driver, who was on the road despite not having a driver's license, made an illegal u-turn and collided with the Me'oded family vehicle.

Watch the Hebrew video:

יניב מעודד מתאושש "תודה לכל מי שהתפלל"