Rubber bullets fired at protesters in Kumi Ori
Rubber bullets fired at protesters in Kumi OriElazar Reiger

A sizeable police force accompanied Civil Administration inspectors and earthmoving equipment to the Samaria neighborhood of Kumi Ori near Yitzhar on Friday morning, intending to demolish a new mobile home placed there with the intent to add a new family to the hilltop neighborhood.

Dozens of protestors against the demolition gathered at the scene, clashing violently with security forces. Police began to disperse them by force, firing rubber bullets and tear gas at the crowd.

The Yitzhar community commented: "This is an unnecessary and painful affair. It is inconceivable that at a time when terrorism is rampant throughout Samaria and Arabs are taking land at will, the Bennett government chooses to destroy Jewish property."

הריסת בית ב"קומי אורי"
הריסת בית ב"קומי אורי"צילום: אלעזר ריגר

MK Bezalel Smotrich (Religious Zionism) faction commented: "A few hours before Shabbat, Arab construction in Judea and Samaria is raging, but Bennett, Shaked, Gantz, Barlev and Abbas send the Civil Administration to destroy a house in Kumi Ori. We will not forget nor forgive."

"Settler violence - more like violence against settlers," Smotrich added. "Rubber bullets and tear gas were fired at the protestors as if they were enemies of the state."

MK Itamar Ben-Gvir (Religious Zionism) commented: "Terrorism is rampant and only this morning a terrorist tried to murder Jews, but Bennett and Gantz are busy destroying Jewish homes. The people grow weary of this kind of discriminatory enforcement. Khan al-Ahmar is being defended despite a Supreme Court ruling, not to mention that the homes of the murderers of Yehuda Dimentman and Eli Kay are still standing. This morning's destruction is the face of the left-wing government - demolition for Jews only."

The police issued a statement that "dozens of rioters threw stones and burned tires during the demolition to impede the operation, as well as undertaking to block the roads and throwing the burning tires at the police as well. An earthmover and several security vehicles were damaged, and three officers were injured. Police began firing crowd-control munitions in response. Ten rioters were injured by sponge and rubber bullets and tear gas. One was hospitalized."