Coronavirus ward (illustrative)
Coronavirus ward (illustrative)David Cohen/Flash90

Professor Dror Mevorach, who heads Hadassah Medical Center's coronavirus ward, spoke about the rise in infections, warning that Israel's hospital system "will definitely" be overwhelmed.

In an interview with Reshet Bet, Prof. Mevorach said, "We need to prepare for a significant expansion of the pandemic. In Hadassah 80% of the patients contracted Omicron, and those who were vaccinated three times are not in serious condition."

"The system will definitely be overwhelmed - we are preparing to receive a large stream of infected people."

Asked about the Omicron variant, Prof. Mevorach said, "I got the impression that this illness is lighter in a basic sense, and that doesn't mean that there won't be people who are seriously ill or die."

"In Hadassah we are preparing to receive a large stream of patients who will need hospitalization. The infrastructure is limited, there are not enough beds in the ICU and internal medicine wards. There is a situation of insufficiency."