Former PM Benjamin Netanyahu
Former PM Benjamin NetanyahuDanny Shemtov, Knesset spokesman

A spokesman from the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, General Ramzan Sharif, has issued threats against Israel, saying that, “The process toward the downfall of the Zionist regime has reached the most important stage in the last 70 years.”

The Tasnim news agency, which is associated with the Iranian regime, quoted the general as also saying that, “Global arrogance and the Zionists were so overcome by the axis of resistance that they assassinated the senior Iranian commander, Kassam Soleimani.

“The despair felt by the Zionists and the enemies of the Islamic people stems from the blood of the holy martyrs and the opposition of the people. We are close to capturing the final peaks and we must not pay attention to what the enemy says,” he added.

Responding to the statements, former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said, “Iran is racing forward while Bennett remains silent and buckles before it. The Bennett government is dangerous for Israel.”

According to Israeli intelligence estimates (as reported on Kan 11), Iran is now closer than ever to obtaining enough enriched uranium to make a nuclear bomb – between six weeks and two months away from reaching that stage.

Four months ago, in August, Israel estimated that Iran would need another eight to ten weeks to reach such a stage, but a senior Israeli official told Kan News that Iran had made “a conscious decision not to advance that far.”

Last Saturday, the head of the Iranian Atomic Organization, Muhammad Aslami, said that Iran was capable of producing nuclear fuel on its own, and that it would soon commence the process at the Bushehr site. Aslami added that if the Vienna nuclear talks broke down and U.S. sanctions were not removed, Iran still did not intend to progress beyond enrichment of uranium to 70 percent.

“Iran is already capable of producing its own nuclear fuel using its own resources,” he said. “We have been holding talks with the Russians and I hope that within the framework of our cooperation, based on the plans and contracts we have signed, we will be able to begin producing fuel and using it at the Bushehr plant.”