Rabbi David Lau
Rabbi David LauEsti Dazyobov, TPS

The office of Ashkenazic Chief Rabbi David Lau responded Wednesday to the accusations against author Chaim Walder, and to his subsequent suicide.

The statement followed Rabbi Lau's condolence visit to Walder's relatives, who are currently in their week of mourning following his death.

"The Chief Rabbi's definitive stance was and remains that we must not ignore every harassment or injury," his office said. "These acts must be uprooted and eradicated completely. In any case when there is a hint of an indecent act or harassment, there is an obligation to complain to the authorities in charge of these issues, and not hide it."

"In addition, in his position as President of the Rabbinical High Court, the Rabbi is aware of these problems and is working to eradicate them. These things have been said at many conferences which deal with the issue, and the Rabbi will continue to repeat it at every opportunity. The Rabbi's heart is with all those who were hurt, and he will do everything in order to help them."

Kan News journalist Akiva Novick responded to Rabbi Lau's comments, tweeting, "Rabbi Lau did not say a word about Walder's actions, or about the importance of protecting victims. He began his term as Chief Rabbi with countless promises and pretty words, and he is ending it in the same row as one of the most wicked people, who is covering up the Walder saga."

"We have no complaints about the Walder family, which is going through hell through no fault of its own," he added. "Our complaint is to the Chief Rabbi who has no opinion on such an important issue. He is keeping future victims from the protection which it is in his power to provide them with, and indirectly helping to whitewash the man."