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General Ramezan Sharif, a spokesperson for Iran's Revolutionary Guards Corps, has claimed that the Zionist regime is close to its downfall.

Tasnim quoted Sharif as saying that the process of the "Zionist regime's" downfall has reached "its most intense part," and that the "blood of martyrs and the resistance of people" have "frustrated" both the Zionists and Islam's enemies.

According to him, "global arrogance and the Zionists" have become "frightened of the power of resistance axis."

It is for this reason, Sharif claimed, that Iranian commander Qassem Soleimani was eliminated.

"The depression and helplessness of the Zionists and the enemies of the Islamic nation stems from the blood of the martyrs and the people's resistance," he told Tasnim. "We are close to conquering the last peaks, and we must not pay attention to the enemy's words."