Ambassador Danny Danon, former Ambassador of Israel at the United Nations and Chairman of World Likud, has published an op-ed titled “Let our people come home” – reminding us of “Let our people go” – calling for more flexibility from Israel when it comes to letting Diaspora Jews enter the country.

“Indeed, we actually just read the portion of the week about Pharaoh who actually recognized the people of Israel are a strong nation. And he understood that we are united,” Danon tells Israel National News. “And look what’s happening today. Today, we are dealing with covid and unfortunately we are not allowing our brothers and sisters from the Diaspora to come and visit Israel for almost two years.”

Danon says that he has received requests from “people from all around the world” who want to visit their children, parents and homes, and they haven’t been allowed to do so.

“I think we have to change the criteria to be more flexible and to allow those people that have have family members here in Israel who want to spend a few days with their parents or with their kids in the military, we should allow them to come and spent time in Israel, according to the guidelines – we can ask them to show proof of vaccination, to stay in quarantine for a few days.”

Danon adds: “But to say to those people, you cannot come and we cannot tell you when you might be able to come is unacceptable.”

He explains that he’s not asking for totally open boarders. He’s asking for a “common sense” approach to be applied to the situation.

“We just hosted Miss Universe in Eilat, a big celebration. We allowed thousands of people to come in for that celebration. If we do that, we should also allow people who want to come to visit their family members. If you have a family members, if you have a special event, if G-d forbid you want to attend a shiva, we should be more flexible, that’s what I’m saying.”

Danon continues: “Our brothers and sisters expect us to be more flexible. They stand with us when we need them. We are one people, one nation. We have to prove it also during covid. We don’t know for how long we’ll have to deal with the pandemic, but we have to find a way to continue the special bond with the Diaspora Jews.”

Noting that even if the U.S. is removed from Israel’s “red list,” that won’t mean the skies will be open for Diaspora Jews. Danon says that a solution must be found.

“Jews from all over the world are not allowed into Israel. And it’s nothing that has been going on for two months. [It’s been going on] for almost two years. It’s a crisis. We have to acknowledge that, and we have to find solutions to that.”

What has been the reaction so far to “Let our people come home?”

“It’ve gotten a lot of comments from all around the world,” he says. “People felt frustrated. They sent letters and emails to the consulates and they didn’t get answers. They felt like they had no voice. I hope that my call will actually change the reality, and I believe it will. I believe that government will show more flexibility in order to change the situation we are facing.”