Bennett צילום: Photo by Emil Salman/POOL

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett said Israel is open to reaching a new nuclear deal with Tehran, while lamenting that the current ‘dynamic’ of talks in Vienna between Western powers and Iran is unlikely to achieve a ‘good agreement’.

Speaking with Efi Triger on Galei Tzahal Tuesday morning, Bennett said Israel is not opposed to talks with Iran or to the signing of a new nuclear agreement with the rogue nation, but emphasized that the terms of such an agreement must be ‘firm’.

“We don’t insist on saying ‘no’,” Bennett said. “Certainly, there can be a good agreement. Most definitely. We know the parameters.”

“But is that expected to happen now, under the current dynamic? No, because there needs to be a much firmer position.”

The Israeli premier lamented that “Iran is negotiating with a very weak hand. But unfortunately the world is acting like Iran is at a strong point.”

Bennett’s comments echoed a statement by Foreign Minister Yair Lapid Monday, as nuclear talks resumed in Vienna.

“Israel does not oppose any agreement. A good agreement is a good thing. We do oppose an agreement that does not promise real oversight of the Iranian nuclear program and Iran’s money and terrorist network.”

Prime Minister Bennett confirmed an earlier Galei Tzahal report which claimed that Bennett told ministers recently that he had not committed to the Biden administration to adhere to a "zero surprises" policy regarding operations against Iran.

"Israel maintains its right to act," Bennett was quoted as telling government ministers.

On Monday, the European Union diplomat in charge of nuclear talks with Iran warned of "difficult" work ahead as the talks resumed in Vienna, AFP reported.

The envoy, Enrique Mora, said all sides were showing "a clear will to work toward the successful end of this negotiation".

"It's a very good sign... We will be working very seriously in the days and weeks ahead... It's going to be very difficult," Mora told reporters after the eighth round of talks hosted in Vienna began.

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