Syrian media reported on Monday night that the Syrian air defenses had thwarted an Israeli air strike on the port of Latakia.

There were no reports of injuries, but a fire reportedly broke out in the area of the port where the containers are stored.

A correspondent of the Al-Akhbaria TV channel reported that the explosion was much larger than the explosion that occurred in the previous attack attributed to Israel on the port of Latakia, which took place about three weeks ago.

He added that the explosions were heard even in the city of Tartus, which is located about 80 km from Latakia.

Earlier this month, Syrian media reported that Israel launched an air strike in the Damascus area.

According to the reports, the country’s air defense systems were activated following an Israeli air strike in the suburbs of the Syrian capital. Explosions were also reportedly heard in the area.

A Syrian military source also said that a Syrian soldier was killed in the attack and that damage was caused.