Homesh yeshiva
Homesh yeshivaHomesh yeshiva

At the initiative of Defense Minister Benny Gantz, the defense establishment is seeking a compromise in which the Homesh yeshiva would be relocated to the community of Eviatar, Channel 12 News reported.

Representatives of the yeshiva rejected the proposal, saying: "We will never leave Homesh. We will not negotiate a withdrawal from Homesh, and no such appeal was made, and if such an appeal was made it would be rejected immediately. We returned to Homesh to correct injustice and disgrace."

They added, "There can be no reward for terrorism, the very talk of displacement and a five-year retreat after 15 years of settlement - they are a reward for terrorism, which will not happen."

"We will be happy to talk to anyone about how to continue the yeshiva in Homesh and provide solutions for the continuation of the yeshiva in Homesh. We invite everyone to continue to come and visit the yeshiva and the community, thank the hundreds who came from the beginning of the week to strengthen the yeshiva and are prepared to receive the masses who are expected to come to the yeshiva later this week," added the Homesh yeshiva.

Lat week, about 15,000 people marched to Homesh on the one-week anniversary of the murder of Yehuda Dimentman, a student at the Homesh yeshiva who was killed in a terrorist shooting attack.