Torah scroll
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With the donation of a new Torah, the Caribbean island of Aruba now has a second synagogue.

The newly completed Torah is the first specially commissioned for the island nation’s Chabad of Aruba, the Canadian Jewish News reported.

A Torah scribe, Rabbi Dovid Ehrentreu, was flown to Aruba from New York for a ceremony to complete the writing of the scroll.

The Torah for the Chabad center was made possible through a donation by former Wall Street banker Philippe Heilberg who donated the Torah in honor of his late father, Jean-Claude Heilberg, a Belgian Holocaust survivor. Heilberg’s mother Annie Heilberg currently lives in Aruba.

“My mother’s been coming here and dragging me since the 1970s,” Heilberg told the news outlet. “I was going to dedicate a Torah and why not here?”

Prevously, a Torah had been borrowed from a Chabad House in Venezuela for services conducted at the Aruba Marriott Hotel.

Aruba, which has a Jewish community of about 125 members, also has a synagogue, Congregation Beth Israel, located in its capital Oranjestad.