Minister Shaked's Instagram
Minister Shaked's Instagramצילום מסך

The Prime Minister several other ministers went up to the Golan Heights today (Sunday) and held a special cabinet meeting there, during which they announced a plan to double the occupancy of the Golan Heights and a billion ILS package for the development of the region.

Among the decisions made in the Cabinet meeting was the decision to establish new neighborhoods for the town of Katzrin and to found two new towns in the Golan.

After the cabinet meeting, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett and Yamina ministers Matan Kahana and Ayelet Shaked attended a meeting for party activists in Katzrin. Pictures on Shaked's Instagram account showed that the meeting drew just seven Yamina supporters.

Yamina commented to Israel National News - Arutz Sheva that "This is a complete lie. Due to public health restrictions, only seven individuals were physically present. All the others invited attended by video call."

At the Cabinet meeting, Bennett said that "a combination of circumstances led us to direct a billion shekels towards strengthening the communities in the Golan Heights. Of course, the Golan Heights is Israeli, that is above all debate. The fact that the Biden administration has not yet renounced Trump's recognition of this is significant."

"After years of civil war in Syria, the whole world prefers a Golan Heights that is quiet and green and flourishing. People working from home already understand that the Golan Heights can be a great option for those who prefer clean air, space, and quality of life," he added.