Golan Heights, Israel
Golan Heights, IsraeliStock

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett opened today's cabinet meeting in the Golan Heights with the good news of the government's decisions to invest significantly in the development of the region.

"Zionism from its inception to the present day is characterized by points in time that the leadership seizes an opportunity and takes it to advance the interests of the State of Israel. This is our moment and the moment of the Golan Heights. A combination of factors led us to direct investments of about one billion shekels to the area," said Bennett.

He added, "The plan approved today, comes a considerable delay of years, and aims to double the settlement in the Golan Heights. To that end, we will strengthen the city of Katzrin with two new neighborhoods and prepare two new settlements - Asif and Matar."

Minister Gideon Sa'ar said, "Today, the order of the day is: the development momentum of settlement in the Golan, rural and urban at the same time. This is an opportunity to move forward with all our might on this issue. We bring to the best of my knowledge the most extensive development plan for settlements there has been in the Golan Heights with a realistic goal of doubling the settlement within a few years."

"The goal is to encourage sustainable demographic growth in the Golan and Katzrin Regional Council localities with a goal of doubling the population within five years. The move will include planning, marketing and development of residential housing units and development of supportive geographical growth, economic development to create employment and improve employment and diversifying jobs and improving the quality of life that will also contribute to attracting a new population to the Golan Heights: Education. Regional infrastructure. Personal security and more," Sa'ar said.