Blossoming almond trees in Golan Heights, northern Israel
Blossoming almond trees in Golan Heights, northern IsraelFlash 90

The government will hold its weekly cabinet meeting on Sunday at Kibbutz Mevo Hama in the Golan Heights.

The ministers intend to approve a comprehensive plan for the development of the Golan totaling one billion shekels. In addition to upgrading infrastructure, establishing new localities and neighborhoods and developing 2,000 jobs, the government intends to make the region the capital of Israel's renewable energy technologies.

Kan 11 News reported that as part of the plan, 576 million shekels will be allocated for planning and housing. For Katzrin, about 3,300 housing units will be added within five years. About 4,000 homes will be added to the localities of the Golan Regional Council. The goal of the program is to double the population of the Golan Heights and add about 23,000 new residents.

As part of the plan, two new localities will be established: "Asif" and "Matar", each of which will include about 2,000 housing units. 160 million shekels will be invested in transportation infrastructure. In addition, the emergency medicine system will be upgraded and extensive investment in education and tourism will be promoted.

The government will approve an investment in a program to develop employment and create about 2,000 jobs in the Golan, in the areas of AgriTech, hotels, agricultural industry, commercial areas, a main factory and more. Agro-volt research and development projects will also be set up on about 600 dunams, and tenders will be published for agro-volt projects on about 2,000 dunams.