David Draiman in the Old City
David Draiman in the Old City Kan 11

David Draiman, lead singer of the metal band "Disturbed," lost tens of thousands of followers after posting about his Israel trip.

“Here’s food for thought,” he wrote on his Instagram account. “Before my recent trip to Israel, I hadn’t used my Instagram account since the Device experiment.”

“It was at 87k followers.

“I used it again specifically to make my trip and demonstration at the Western Wall public."

He continued, “Since the pictures of my trip and the demonstration were posted, I’m now down to 4k followers."


“Very telling, isn’t it?” he added, concluding his post with the hashtag #AmYisraelChai.

Earlier this month, Draiman, an American Jew and a Zionist, lit a candle at the Western Wall in memory of Eli Kay, a recent immigrant who had been murdered in a terror attack one week earlier.

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