Evacuation of homes in Homesh Friday morning
Evacuation of homes in Homesh Friday morning צילום: ישיבת חומש

Mr. Prime Minister, you were absent yesterday during the spiritually exalted level of those present in Homesh, had you come, you would have been strengthened by the powerful and resolute spirit of the thousands who came to say: The Land of Israel is ours! Homesh is ours! The time has come for sovereignty!

The Disengagement Law has become the law of bonding. Thousands of youths flocked to the peak of the hill, mothers with babies in carriages, fathers with children on their shoulders, joyful with the blessed rain, the sticky mud of the soil of the Land of Israel and with the gunshots of the murderers in the village of Burka in the background.

How can one descend from yesterday’s high spiritual level to the unprecedented low of the destruction of the structures around the Homesh yeshiva, a yeshiva that is entirely self-sacrifice, a yeshiva that preserves the embers of the Zionist values that bind us to our wonderful Land?

Where are you leading the country? In a normal country – Burka would be wiped off the map, the entire village would be exiled beyond our borders.

Homesh must be built. The yeshiva must flourish.

Instead, what is the government’s response? More destruction!!!

Every such step weakens us in the eyes of the enemy, in the eyes of the world and invites the next murder.

Government of Israel! Make Homesh a symbol of rebirth and fortifying security in the Land of Israel.

This is what the overwhelming majority of the people in Israel expect from you.

Let us ascend and take possession of it!