Members of the ministerial committee on fighting the coronavirus (the Coronavirus Cabinet) approved the adaption of the format for activity in the education system, in a telephone vote on Thursday evening.

In the framework of the decision, it was determined that in orange and red communities, frontal learning will not be held in grades 7-12 in classes in which less than 70% of pupils have been vaccinated except in an open area or in online learning.

In grades 1-6 in red communities, there will be a policy of reducing contacts (while giving preference to frontal learning) unless 70% of pupils in the class have been vaccinated.

Pupils will be considered to have been vaccinated even if they have only received the first inoculation. This will apply for 30 days after receiving the first inoculation (in effect until 9 January 2022).

The regulations will take effect on Monday, December 27, 2021, subject to the approval of the Knesset Education Committee.