Finally, a woman at our Real Talk to give us all a power to the women boost!

I loved this refreshing conversation with a woman who is so multi-talented, has a nice family of her own, and has made Aliyah from America not so long and loves Israel.

Chanale has been writing songs and recording them since she was a teenager. Not only is Chanale very talented she is also funny and engaging, strong, and popular on social media, she takes her fans on a journey of Israel and different communities and towns several times a week on her Instagram.

Chanale, who is originally from Miami and spent her high school years in Montreal, made Aliyah with her family to Ramat Beit Shemesh, and is a singer, songwriter and writer of the very popular Bella Bracha and Parsha Time DVDs.

Her lyrics are found on Jewish albums of many famous Jewish singers and she has produced 6 albums.
Chanale has also partnered with important female Jewish singers like Devorah Shwartz, Chaya Kogan, Doby Baum, and Rachel Hunter.

Her latest album “I Am The Land” was inspired by her Aliyah and released the day she landed in Israel, her present home where she lives with her husband and 4 children.

Apart from her music, you should also look out for Chanale’s hilarious YouTube videos.

Here's my favorite - “How To Get Ready For Pesach in 10 Easy Steps!”: