Itamar Ben Gvir
Itamar Ben GvirTomer Neuberg/Flash90

One of the two security Arab guards who attacked MK Itamar Ben Gvir earlier this week has been revealed as a supporter of the Hamas terrorist organization, Israel Hayom reported.

In the past, Mohammad Shaweeky wrote a post on social media praising Hamas terrorist Ali Shyouky, Israel Hayom added.

Shyouky is a Hamas terrorist from Silwan, who in October 2016 was eliminated after conducting a firebombing.

In his social media post, Shaweeky included a photo of Shyouky, writing below it: "May Allah have mercy on your soul, my dear. This was your wish, and it came true with Allah's help. You wanted paradise, and Allah gave it to you."

Responding to the news, Ben Gvir said, "It turns out that those who threatened my life were not random criminals, but Hamas supporters. I want to see all of those who 'believed' that bully eating themselves up."

"The Left would have been happy to see me injured. But I will protect myself and I will not be deterred by fake criticism by those who granted support to MK Ayman Odeh's (Joint Arab List) attack and who embrace Hamas supporters."