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Rabbi Haim Weiss, the rabbi of Beitar Illit, a haredi city in Judea, has called on the city's women to increase in modesty.

Among other things, Rabbi Weiss has called on Beitar Illit's women to refrain from driving. His words, published on Behadrey Haredim, include a claim that the late Rabbi Wosner would often request that women not drive vehicles, for reasons of modesty.

Rabbi Weiss also slammed the fashionable wigs which have penetrated the haredi street.

"This is a horrible breach, and it has already been spoken about several times," he said. "It's time that there be a kosher certification for wigs. There are things which convince women to dress the opposite of modestly."

On another issue, he added, "There are women who grow out their fingernails, with nail polish or without nail polish. Such things never used to happen in our circles... This is for secular women."

Rabbi Weiss added that in his opinion, Beitar Illit is considered too "liberal."

"We need to improve the name of our city somewhat," he said. "There are families who come to Beitar because Beitar is considered an accepting city... There are families who come from Jerusalem to fall apart in Beitar."