Mansour Abbas
Mansour AbbasFlash 90

The Fatah movement, headed by Palestinian Authority (PA) chairman Mahmoud Abbas, on Wednesday ripped Ra’am chairman MK Mansour Abbas, after he said at a conference on Tuesday that Israel is a Jewish state and will remain that way.

In a statement, the Fatah movement noted that MK Abbas' "dangerous" remarks materially infringe on the historical national rights of the Palestinian people and aid the Zionist narrative that "falsified" Palestinian history.

The Fatah movement also noted that MK Abbas crossed “red lines”, since the Nationality Law grants the right of self-determination only to Jews and thus deprives the Palestinian people of the historic right in their land.

Fatah accused MK Abbas of choosing to abandon his people and national goals, and of throwing himself into the arms of the Zionists while remaining silent in the face of the activities of the "occupation", including settlement, Judaization, settler attacks against the Al-Aqsa Mosque and policies of collective punishment and siege.

The Fatah statement stressed that MK Abbas represents only himself and his fate will be to be thrown in the trash bin of history, and that the Palestinian public in the territories of 1948 (Israel) and beyond will settle the score with "this outcast in democratic ways."

Abbas raised some eyebrows in his remarks on Tuesday at the Globes Israel Business Conference.

When asked if he could accept the State of Israel as a Jewish state, Abbas replied, "The State of Israel was born as a Jewish state. It is the decision of the people and the question is not about the identity of the state. It was born this way and will remain so."