Rabbi Elishama Cohen
Rabbi Elishama CohenHomesh yeshiva

Rabbi Elishama Cohen, the Rosh Yeshiva of the Homesh yeshiva, was arrested at the Hizma checkpoint Wednesday afternoon on suspicion of violating the 2005 Disengagement Law, which prohibits Jews from the demolished community of Homesh.

Rabbi Cohen was released shortly afterwards when the Samaria Regional Council intervened on his behalf. He will return to the police station for questioning following the end of the shiva mourning period of Yehuda Dimentman, a student at the Homesh yeshiva who was murdered in a terrorist attack last Thursday.

The Homesh yeshiva said in response: "Bennett brings the Disengagement Law back to the table as a reward for murderers. Shame."

Religious Zionism chairman MK Bezalel Smotrich accused Prime Minister Bennett of carrying out a "political arrest."

"As part of the government's decision to eliminate the Homesh yeshivai in response to the terrorist attack in which Yehuda Dimentman was killed and to reward terrorism, the police were sent today to persecute, arrest and deter him," Smotrich said.

"They will not scare us," Smotrich declared. "We call on the masses of the house of Israel to arrive tomorrow and march with Yehuda's family, demanding an arrangement be made with the Homesh yeshiva."

Last night, Prime Minister Bennett spoke to Dimentman's widow and father. The bereaved family asked the prime minister not to evacuate the yeshiva at which Yehuda studied.