A high school in Northern California has opened an investigation after photos of students covered with Nazi symbols were posted to social media and went viral.

The photos showed eight teens posing with one or more Nazi symbols, including swastikas and SS logos, drawn on their chests and bodies with marker, the Sacramento Bee reported. Some of the teens were also holding bottles of alcohol.

The photos were originally posted to Instagram and TikTok. Both accounts have been changed to private.

The original photos went viral, with multiple comments alleging that the teens in the photos were from Wheatland Union High School. The Yuba County school learned about the photos on Sunday evening.

Wheatland Union High School said it is “investigating multiple social media posts made by students of our school.”

“However, I want to make very clear that our district seeks to educate our students in an environment of respect for each other, for our community and humankind. The District prohibits any discrimination, harassment, intimidation or bullying of any student or staff member,” Superintendent Nicole Newman said in a post on the school’s Facebook page on Monday.

Newman added: “The Wheatland High School District staff, board, students, parents, and community are committed to providing a safe learning environment that promotes academic excellence and responsible citizenship. We will work together in order to ensure the success of all our students and to build an environment where all are respected and treated with dignity.”

The photos are being investigated under the district’s “hate-motivated behavior” guidelines, Newman told the Bee.