Definition of anti-Semitism and anti-Semite
Definition of anti-Semitism and anti-SemiteiStock

Anti-Semitic flyers accusing the Jewish community of being behind covid being distributed across the United States have been found in Boise, Idaho, with residents reporting hateful leaflets similar to those distributed in several other locations over the weekend.

The flyers were distributed in Boise early Sunday in Ziploc bags and weighed down with ammunition for pellet guns, the Idaho Press reported.

This followed reports of hundreds of similarly distributed anti-Semitic flyers featuring conspiracy theories blaming Jews for covid being found in Beverly Hills and Pasadena, California as well as Greensboro, North Carolina during the same two day period.

Those flyers were captioned “Every single aspect of the COVID agenda is Jewish" and contained a list of anti-Semitic conspiracy theories.

North End areas of Boise experienced anti-Semitic covid flyers with similar hateful messages, claiming that the Jewish community was responsible for covid, and accusing Jews of being part of a “covid agenda,”

Users on Twitter said the flyers in Boise were the same flyers found in California and North Carolina. Police have not confirmed if there is a direct connection.

“Imagine how wonderful it would be if these hateful acts were the catalyst for people to embrace each other. That would be the greatest accomplishment,” Rabbi Mendel Lifshitz of the Chabad Jewish Center in Boise told the news outlet.

Rabbi Lifshitz said that with other anti-Semitic incidents occurring this fall in Boise, he is hopeful that the city can rise above hate. He also praised local police for quickly contacting him after the flyers were discovered.

“We call upon our citizens to stand strong, to stand tall, to stand together,” he said.

He urged the incident to be used as a way to unite the city to spread kindness and positivity.

“The community is a welcoming community, but it gives us an opportunity to look at these activities and turn them into something positive," Rabbi Lifshitz said. "To recognize beneath every terrible act there is an opportunity. For the wonderful citizens of Boise to come together to not only voice their support but engage in acts of kindness."