U.S. Ambassador's visit to Nazareth
U.S. Ambassador's visit to Nazareth U.S. Embassy Jerusalem

U.S. Ambassador to Israel Tom Nides held a cultural visit to the city of Nazareth on Sunday.

According to the US Embassy, Nides advanced outreach to the Arab community and launched five new projects as part of the Embassy’s Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI), a grant program that supports participatory governance and economic opportunity.

Ambassador Nides also toured the Old Market, met with an inter-denominational group of Christian clergy, and attended the Miriam's Angels concert - a nonprofit organization devoted to cancer awareness and prevention in Arab society organized the concert, which showcased Israel’s great diversity and a message of peaceful coexistence. The organization’s founder and one featured performer are alumni of U.S.-sponsored exchanges.

"Great cultural outreach trip in Nazareth yesterday." Nides tweeted, "I enjoyed meeting with Middle East Partnership Initiative participants, local Christian leaders & attending the Miriam’s Angel’s concert."