Manhattan, New York
Manhattan, New York ISTOCK

Hate crimes committed against Jews and Asians surged in New York City in 2021, with the highest concentration occurring in Manhattan, according to data provided by the NYPD.

Across New York hate crimes have doubled this year, in large part due to the spike in incidents against Jews and Asians, the New York Post reported.

Jews remained the most targeted group, with 191 incidents in the last year, a 49 percent increase over 128 occurrences in 2020.

Asians experienced the largest increase, with 131 reported incidents taking place compared to just 28 the year before, a staggering 368 percent increase.

Police statistics for 2021, up until December 13, show that most of the city’s hate crimes occurred in Manhattan (199 incidents), with 134 cases taking place in Manhattan South precinct.

Brooklyn had the second most hate crimes (119), with Queens slightly behind (102), followed by The Bronx (44) and Staten Island (17).

The overall number of hate crimes this year in New York City (514) is a 98 percent increase from the 260 experienced in 2020. The figure is higher than any time since 2013, when police began keeping track of bias incidents.

Police said that 55 recorded hate crimes in 2021 were felony assaults and 11 were robberies.