The Dimentman family
The Dimentman familyHezki Baruch

Members of the Homesh yeshiva have claimed that the political echelon have decided to finally evacuate the yeshiva, days after one of its students was murdered in a terrorist shooting attack in Samaria.

Security sources, on the other hand, said that no decision had yet been made regarding the evacuation of the Homesh yeshiva, noting that a decision is expected by the end of the week.

Ettya Dimentman, the widow of Yehuda Dimentman, who was killed in the shooting attack on Thursday, said: "Unfortunately, the rabbi learned that they are going to destroy Homesh. They are toying with a family which is sitting shiva as if we don't have feelings."

Ettya addressed the Prime Minister: "Bennett, you grew up on the values ​​of Torah and morality, and Yehuda was a man of justice. It seems a small thing to ask that the yeshiva remain in Homesh, but it is a big step towards the redemption. On Thursday we will go up to the grave and from there we will walk back to Homesh."

"We invite all the people of Israel to march with us, come and march with me and with David and with the whole family. Whoever builds Homesh will not regret it," the widow added.

Yehuda's father, Rabbi Mordechai Dimentman, responded to the capture of the terrorists: "Knowing that the Shabak captured the terrorists is important, but it is like announcing military action in Damascus. The increase in deterrence is a consolation to the people but not a consolation to the family."

"Yehuda will not return to us," the bereaved father continued. "Our only consolation is if his blood is not spilled in vain. If, G-d forbid, the yeshiva is evacuated then his blood will have been spilled in vain. From the cemetery we will not return to our house, we will go to the place of the murder and to the yeshiva where Yehuda was in his last hours. I call on the general public - come with us."

Rabbi Elishama Cohen, the Rosh Yeshiva of the Homesh yeshiva, told the media: "We know from senior officials that a decision was made to destroy Homesh, including assessments by the military echelon and security forces there."

"15 years since we were uprooted from there, 15 years in which we respected everyone and did not harm anyone and only spread light and Torah in the name of all Israel. Yehudah loved Homesh with all his soul Yehuda was full of light and goodness. We are at this time shocked and dismayed by the decision to demolish the yeshiva and uproot it and give a reward to the murderers and give a reward to terrorism," the rosh yeshiva added.

Samaria Regional Council chairman Yossi Dagan said at a press conference: "Four days have passed since the attack and a response that will restore deterrence has not been given by the government. This government, without discussing it, has made a practical decision to continue the trend of harming settlement and destroying the yeshiva to the ground, there is no greater reward for terrorism."

"The government is responsible for security and I call on the prime minister and the entire government - look this family in the eye and give the go-ahead for the reestablishment of the yeshiva in Homesh," Dagan said, warning that the destruction of the yeshiva would lead to further attacks.