Award ceremony for the IDU at Migdal Oz
Award ceremony for the IDU at Migdal OzIDU Public Relations

In light of the recent spate of terrorist activity, the Israel Dog Unit (IDU), a nonprofit that trains and deploys service dogs in a variety of emergency applications, is emphasizing its security training and stepping up its deployment of security dogs throughout Israel, with particular focus on Judea, Samaria, and the Jordan valley.

In a modest ceremony held today (Sunday) at Kibbutz Migdal Oz in Gush Etzion, the kibbutz presented certificates of appreciation to the IDU.

The IDU stationed the security dog Tzayid in Migdal Oz a few years ago, and he has since been critical in preventing multiple acts of terrorism. A puppy named Tim is presently completing his basic training with the IDU and will soon join Tzayid on guard in Migdal Oz

Tzayid operates with IDF soldiers near Migdal Oz (IDU Public Relations).

Kibbutz Migdal Oz, located in the Gush Etzion region and a perennial target for terrorism, has proven repeatedly that a well-trained working dog is an ideal complement to local security forces, and can dependably foil terrorist activity and increase the residents' sense of security