Rabbi Itamar Leshem
Rabbi Itamar Leshem Hezki Baruch

Rabbi Itamar Leshem, who was wounded in a terrorist stabbing attack near the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron over Shabbat, recounted his brush with death and his struggle with the terrorist,

"I came back from the Cave of the Patriarchs with my 12-year-old son," he told Israel National News. "On the way home, a terrorist attacked me. I turned my gaze to the left and she tried to slit my throat."

He said, "Thank God the knife hit my face [and not my throat]. I turned around and saw an elderly Arab with a knife. A man doesn't know how he'd react under pressure, and thank G-d I grabbed her hand, twisted her hand, punched her in the face, and she dropped her knife. By the grace of G-d she didn't damage a vital area."

"She came right in front of me and I didn't see her," he added. "It's very easy to hit an artery or somewhere else and then it would have been a different story. She could have also gone after my son or a family that passed before us with some small children. Thank G-d that he protected us," he said.