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Different technologies use gold for various things, and without it, astronauts at NASA wouldn't be protected from heat and radiation. It's used in catalytic converters, and it helps produce several chemicals used daily. In the healthcare field, nanoparticles of gold are used for rapid diagnostic tests. These tests have changed the landscape for the diagnosis of diseases during the last decade.

Researchers from the Imperial College London improved diagnosis technologies for HIV and AIDS through nanoparticle gold experiments. Scientists developed new techniques to sense when a target molecule was present to detect these diseases at an earlier stage of development.

Drugs using gold as a fundamental base are used to treat a variety of illnesses like rheumatoid arthritis. There is also ongoing research in the field of cancer treatment using gold nanoparticles that looks extremely promising.

New Gold Technologies under Development

Many studies are being carried out for gold usage in the technological field. Nanoparticle gold conductive ink is being developed for plastic electronics and technologies that use visual displays, including touchscreens. Gold helps to bring the fields of medicine and advanced electronics closer together.

A startup company named MC10 has created stretchable electronics with gold wires that are applied to polymers that can be stretched. This has opened the door to a wide range of applications, including electronics that can be implanted into patients to help monitor vital signs and provide warnings of possible health problems.

Gold in the Healthcare Field and Gold Bullion

What is gold bullion? It is gold that is 99.5% - 99.9% pure and comes in the form of ingots or bars. This is the type of gold that governments keep in central banks as a reserve asset. Mining companies remove the gold from the earth and extract it from the ore using high heat or chemicals. This creates pure bullion, which is also known as “parted bullion.”

What is silver bullion? The term “silver bullion” refers to silver with a high level of purity, and it may also come in the form of coins, ingots, or bars. The metal is also held by central banks in reserves and by individual investors. Silver plays a huge role in the development of healthcare advances on a worldwide basis as well.

What is bullion? Bullion can be comprised of either gold or silver in its pure form and is considered legal tender. Both silver and gold play an essential part in healthcare technology development and may lead to many lifesaving discoveries soon.

Learn more about bullion and why investing in gold and silver right now makes sense. Both silver and gold are high commodity items needed and wanted for new technological advances in the healthcare field, purity level. This is not expected to change any time soon.

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