The drill
The drillGal Avraham

A joint exercise was held on Wednesday early morning hours by Magen David Adom (MDA), the Israeli Police, Israel Fire and Rescue Service, and the Israel Railways.

The goal of the drill was to train the emergency teams in handling a complex, challenging incident and evacuating multiple casualties from a fire in a passenger train located in one of the train tunnels on the way to Jerusalem.

Dozens of MDA EMTs and paramedics participated in the exercise, activating 15 ambulances, 4 MICUs, a multiple-casualty response vehicle and an all-terrain response vehicle, collaborating with all rescue and security forces.

MDA's 101 Emergency Dispatch Center participated in the drill as well, managing the complicated event and coordinating the teams in the field.

The exercise, conducted by the Israel Police, simulated a scenario in which a fire broke out in a train car loaded with passengers due to a malfunction in an electric bicycle battery. Since the area lacks accessibility to ambulances and the only way for the MDA teams to get there is by train, MDA teams arrived to Navon Israel Railway station in Jerusalem and to an additional spot near Latrun, and from there they boarded on trains, carrying the life-saving medical equipment.

The teams arrived to the fire scene, treated dozens of "injured" and evacuated them by train back to Jerusalem, and met the ambulances at the designated emergency rescue tunnel and in an additional train to the Latrun area. The ambulances and MICUs then collected the injured at the pre assigned locations, evacuating them to the hospitals.

MDA Director General, Eli Bin said: "This is a complex and important exercise preparing the emergency forces for a scenario of fire on the railway line to Jerusalem, which presents unique challenges to the emergency services. MDA performs routine exercises on a regular basis in order to improve our capacities and the response times as much as possible, providing our life-saving services in routine times and emergencies."

"This drill strengthened our teams' knowledge and gave actual tools to practice outstanding life-saving activity, while maintaining the critical cooperation between the various security and rescue organizations."

Drill on train line
Drill on train lineGal Avraham