COVID vaccines

In the coming weeks, the State of Israel will transfer one million AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccines to African countries through the International Covax Vaccine Distribution Mechanism.

The decision to donate the vaccines was taken today in a discussion involving the Prime Minister’s Office, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Health.

In recent months, the State of Israel has strengthened its relations with the countries of the African continent, including its return to observer status in the Organization for African Union. This significant donation of vaccines, which will reach close to a quarter of the continent's countries, will contribute to strengthening ties between Israel and these countries.

COVAX is a global vaccine distribution mechanism centered in Geneva, for the procurement and equitable distribution of coronavirus vaccines. The mechanism is the product of exceptional global cooperation and for many developing countries this mechanism is the only way to obtain vaccines. The Covax mechanism also ensures that the vaccines reach the countries that can utilize them.

Foreign Minister Yair Lapid said: "The State of Israel joins the international effort to vaccinate populations that do not have access to vaccines. I am delighted that Israel can contribute and be a partner in eradicating the pandemic around the world. While Corona vaccines aren’t distributed across the entire world in order to defeat the pandemic, new Corona variants will develop in areas where vaccination rates are low. '*