March in support of Hamas
March in support of HamasMajdi Fathi/TPS

Husam Badran, a senior Hamas official in Judea and Samaria, said on Tuesday that Palestinian Arabs residing in the “West Bank” are capable of successfully dealing with the "occupation."

In a message to local residents on the occasion of the 34th anniversary of the establishment of Hamas, Badran said that every action, even the smallest, has a great impact on the Palestinian arena.

"We have the right and it is not possible for our (Palestinian) people to give it up," Badran said, adding that the Palestinians' experience of resistance and steadfastness sends a message to the entire world and Hamas has become a key player in leading the armed struggle against Israel.

Hamas, he continued, is fully aware that there is a change in the balance of power with Israel vis-à-vis the Palestinians and that there is a situation of mutual deterrence despite the gap in military capabilities.

Badran said that Israel could no longer operate in the Palestinian arena without taking into account the response of the Palestinian resistance organizations and in particular Hamas.