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In remarks made during a panel on antisemitism at Australian Jewish philanthropist Albert Dadon’s Leadership Dialogue 2021 on Israel-UK-Australia relations, UK Conservative MP Robert Jenrick hinted that the government will seek to include a ban on BDS in its spring legislative agenda. Mr Jenrick’s comments were made during a panel entitled “Why Do So Many People Hate Jews?” – moderated by the UK’s former Minister for Immigration Joan Ryan and Australian journalist Alan Howe – which also included former Australian Labor Party MPs Mary Easson and Michael Danby, economist Henry Ergas (AO), and Israeli MK Avi Dichter.

Towards the end of the 90-minute discussion on the state of antisemitism in Australia and the UK, Mr Jenrick responded to a question from Mr Howe regarding the possibility of using anti-discrimination laws to outlaw the BDS movement in the UK, and said: “I do think BDS is being beaten back here…there is no political party in the UK that would support BDS today, and it’s becoming, I think, much more of a fringe activity. What we want to do is pass a piece of legislation here, and I’m confident that it will be in the next legislative program – Queen’s Speech as we call it – in the spring of next year, which will outlaw BDS in the UK”.

The 13th Annual Leadership Dialogue on Israel-UK-Australia relations is an initiative of the International Institute for Strategic Leadership Dialogue, founded by Jewish philanthropist and businessman Albert Dadon. The Leadership Dialogue Institute is a private diplomatic channel fostering closer cultural ties between Australia, the UK, and Israel. The ‘Institute’ is a think tank comprised of political, academic, and business leaders & personalities who are willing and eager to exchange on crucial, meaningful, delicate, and sometimes taboo topics.