Car after the attack
Car after the attack Yaniv Simantov

Another incident of stone-throwing from the village of Luban near the community of Eli took place yesterday, this time with casualties.

The father of the family, which suffered light injuries as a result of the stone-throwing, Yaniv Simantov, a resident of Givat Haro'e, commented on the events. "Such a possibility is always taken into account, but it is always surprising," he said.

The trip from Ariel to their home was made by the full family, the parents and children, a son aged four and a half and a daughter aged three, when they were attacked by an ambush at a point where stones had been thrown in multiple attacks in recent weeks.

On the condition of his family, he said that now "physically we are fine. My wife came out of the hospital, they took out the shards of glass from the eyes and the children, thank G-d, are fine. The injuries are mainly from glass all around the body and as a result of the vehicle stopping."

He says of the incident itself: "We saw nothing. It is a very dark area with no lighting. A routine and fun ride with the kids, and suddenly out of nowhere a huge explosion in the car. A stone hit the windshield and another stone in the back door, a few centimeters away from breaking the window and harming the girl who sat in the back."

In the seconds after the injury, "we were trying to digest what was happening to us and understand the situation. I immediately realized that it was a stone and we continued towards a safe place. We reached the entrance to Eli and on the way reported the incident to the hotline. In those moments in the car itself "the children were shaking and crying. At first our daughter was quiet and we thought something had happened to her, we turned around and saw that she was in shock. It took us a while to understand what happened."

At the entrance to Eli, the family received first aid, and security arrived to investigate the incident. From there, the family was transferred for further treatment at the hospital.

As mentioned, the point where the car of the Simantov family was attacked is one where every morning Arab children throw stones at Jewish vehicles, on their way to one of the three schools in the area. Simantov said that in the morning there is military security at the site, but that it appears stone-throwers also choose other hours to attack.

When asked about the Minister of Internal Security's remarks about alleged "settler violence,"he responded, "This is a very unfortunate statement, completely ignoring what happens every day and focusing on something very negligible and small. It hurts that a man of his status speaks like this."