prayers at Western Wall
prayers at Western WallAryeh Minkov

Senior government officials confirmed to Israel National News that for the time being the Western Wall compromise has been frozen.

According to them, the reason is to "not play into the hands of the haredi representatives who sharply attack the outline so they can unite the lines around them within the sector."

The senior officials also said that "the obsessive preoccupation with the Western Wall distances a huge traditional public from Yamina. What's more, within Yamina there is no consensus on the matter and quite a few of them believe that the Western Wall outline should be opposed."

However, the significant renovation of the southern extension at the Western Wall continues.

Yesterday, journalist Shalom Yerushalmi reported on Israeli news site Zman that Prime Minister Bennett and Religious Affairs Minister Matan Kahana had halted the plan to expand and restructure an egalitarian prayer space at the Western Wall, due to concerns of incitement by right-wing Israelis opposed to the deal and violence between them and proponents of the egalitarian space.

“We have decided to not deal with this now, period,” Minister Kahana told his aides over the weekend. The Western Wall outline has become a hotbed of hatred and hatred, especially of Likud spokesmen who latch onto the outline. We must not play into their hands. We are leaving everything at the moment. We are not touching it," Kahana was quoted as saying.