Christopher Brown and Rebekah Jones
Christopher Brown and Rebekah JonesTexas Police

Christopher Stephen Brown, 37, a resident of the northwestern Texas city of Amarillo, was arrested on suspicion of threatening to murder three senior Chabad hasidim in New York and also threatening their families, the North Texas federal prosecutor's office said.

Brown's partner, 28-year-old Rebekah Jones, was also arrested after attacking federal agents who came to arrest Christopher.

The chief federal prosecutor said that "the defendant has explicitly threatened to harm rabbis as well as ordinary citizens and law enforcement personnel. These threats are a violation of the law for all intents and purposes and together with local law enforcement agencies we will continue to take action against those behind them."

The indictment states that ten days ago, Brown approached the Chabad hasidic headquarters in Crown Heights through the organization's website, writing that he wanted to "murder all the Jews." He added a link to a YouTube video in which he documented himself threatening to execute hasidic leaders.

Brown stated that he wanted to "blind all the rabbis and blow their heads off."

The hasidic movement turned to the New York Police Department, which involved the FBI, and federal agents raided Brown's home and found the computer and camera from which the threats were sent.

He is being charged with threatening to murder and the prosecution is seeking a prison sentence of five years.