Sara Netanyahu
Sara Netanyahu Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

The Ministerial Committee for Shabak Affairs, led by Religious Affairs Minister Matan Kahana, convened this morning (Sunday) to discuss the security of the family members of opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu, following its decision from last June to remove the security details from Netanyahu's family.

In accordance with the opinion of the Shabak, the Mossad, the police and the National Security Council, the committee's decision remains the same and the security details for the family members will be removed tomorrow (Monday) - six months after the end of Netanyahu's term as prime minister.

Opposition leader Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday called on the Israeli government not to remove security from his wife and children ahead of a Knesset committee discussion on the matter.

"In recent years, there have been constant threats to harm me, my wife and my sons, and even to murder them - including in the last six months - and including only yesterday," Netanyahu said in a video statement posted to his Twitter and Facebook accounts.

"Yesterday, an extreme left-wing organization calling itself Crime Minister issued another direct threat to harm my wife and sons," he added, referring to a post published on Thursday in which the leftist organization wrote: "This coming Monday, it has been agreed upon, the security will be removed and the vehicles will be taken from Sara Netanyahu and her two sons. Expect surprises."

Later, the organization clarified, "Hopefully there will be no surprises in the decision to remove the security detail."

"The writing is on the wall. We're talking about human life. What else needs to happen? Who will take responsibility if G-d forbid something happens to them? I call on the committee, get rid of the political and personal considerations and do the right thing and return to the original, factual and requested decision. Do not abandon the security of my wife and my children," Netanyahu pleaded.

When the Likud was in power, the Ministerial Committee on Shabak Affairs extended the security period for members of the prime minister's family to one year from the end of his term, even though the Shabak's position was that only six months was necessary. With the entry of the new government, the ministers decided to shorten the security period to six months, in accordance with the Shabak's recommendation. Benjamin Netanyahu himself will continue to receive Shabak security for twenty years from the end of his term.