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Argentina media reported Friday evening that a 23-year-old Israeli was rescued by helicopter from a nature reserve suffering from breaks to his leg, arm, and pelvic floor.

The Israeli Ambassador to Argentina, Galit Ronen, tweeted that she visited the injured hiker and thanked the rescuers.

In an Instagram post, the hiker wrote, "To all my friends who are asking what happened: I went on a hike in Ushuaia, and I fell about 10 meters. I waited for 24 hours to be rescued, cut off with no reception or food, and in the meantime I broke my pelvis and elbow. When they found me, I was on the verge of dying from hypothermia."

"Right now I am doing hard rehabilitation in a hospital, and it's hard for me to respond to everyone, but I thank very much all those who are helping and who want to help."

Eliahu Hamra, President of the Vaad Hakehilot - Federation of Jewish Communities in Argentina, tweeted, "Thank you to the Ushuaia aid commissionership for the cooperation in rescuing the hiker who was severely injured and who was rescued yesterday. He is now in the regional hospital in the city. We pray for his recovery."